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DERO SP 2010.06.30 - Twin Tower moments

This is the DERO episode where the Twin Towers and Miichan starred in. I edited and put together the scenes where the Twin Towers appear in together or scenes where one of them appears in.

In the bar room challenge, I luv how the Twin Towers are stuck on one bar and whenever one of them needs to answer a question and the bar keeps shrinking the other panics. It’s quite challenging since the both of them are sharing a bar and you see them squished together against the wall with limited space for both their feet. Then of course you have the epic saeyaka moment where Sae saves Sayaka by jumping off and Sayaka crying out Sae’s name. (Also I enjoy how Miichan panics and struggles over some of her questions and ended up at 15 cm then you hear her cry out “Save me!” Poor her.) I can’t help but comment how funny Kendo Kobayashi was during the entire challenge, being scared of falling, amazingly figuring out a puzzle in just one second, putting on a dramatic act whenever someone falls down, and acting completely surprised when he saw those who fell earlier and said “You guys are alive?”.

Afterwards you see the sand pit room with Sae and Miichan, where they quickly try to give answers to clues that are given before they sink completely.

Finally you have more Twin Tower action as they take on the water room (Sae sure did a lot on this episode huh?) along with Kasuga from Audrey. You see them tackle and solve tricky puzzles, dive underwater several times, and answer a cliff hanger quiz in order to save themselves before they drown. I love seeing the two collaborate and put their clever minds together.

After all the exciting stuff that happened here, I’m still sad and upset that we never got to see the Twin Towers again on Dero after this. I bet we could’ve seen a lot more fun moments when they go into the stone statue room on the episode that never aired. *sigh*

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Couple Kitchen

Cuteness overload this show Σ>―(*・д・*)→ キュン

Personally I think the talk was kinda boring, and the cooking was just there for being sake, you can’t really learn anything from it.

But Yu-kun and Sa-ya made a really cute couple. Their acting and interacting with each other were even better than my expectation. Sa-ya is in her 150% girly mode and Yu-kun is unexpectedly witty and funny (≧∪≦)ゞ❤

I thought it would be much better if the show just center about their daily life instead of taking format of a cooking show though.

ps: Chiba sure looks small when he’s alone or with other guys but he’s actually taller than Sayaka I’m quite shocked (; ・`д・´)

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Couple Kitchen #1

The talk is mostly about Mariri and AKB48 (which I found quite boring), so here is some funny bits about Sa-ya and Yu-kun’s relationship:

- Mariri suddenly show up at their new house, Yu-kun was like “Who leaked it out ò____ó?!” Sa-ya asked why Mariri knew it
Mariri: Oshima Yuko-san told me you just got married and moved here so I came to visit…
Sa-ya: WHAT!?! Ò___Ó Sorry, can you keep it a secret for us?
Mariri: But Yuko told it to quite a bunch of people already…
Yu-kun: Damn it Yuko…
Sa-ya: Sorry Yu-kun, I will tell Yu-chan to keep her mouth shut
Yu-kun: Please, I beg you!

- For the cooking, Yu-kun did everything and Sa-ya basically just stood there to talk
Yu-kun: Because my Sa-ya couldn’t do anything (so I have to do everything)
Sa-ya: I’m specialized in drinking instead (aka serving tea for guests XD)
Yu-kun: Okay okay (lol)

- Mariri called Yu-kun ‘papa’ (it’s normal to call the husband in a family ‘papa’ when they have children)
Yu-kun:.. well, someday
Sa-ya: *look at her belly*
Yu-kun: … what XDD
Sa-ya: ……
Yu-kun: Oh, you’re virtual pregnant ne XDD
Sa-ya: You don’t need to say that out! That shows how much I love Yu-kun you know! XD

- Yu-kun made a mistake when cracking the eggs
Sa-ya: If you need any help just say, kay?
Yu-kun: You can’t do anything though…
Sa-ya: At least I can separate the egg white!!!
Yu-kun: Okay, try doing this
Sa-ya: *crack the egg* damn, I put it in the wrong bowl!

- Mariri asked why the two of them get married.
Yu-kun: Even though Sa-ya looks like this, she’s actually very girly. That gap, G-A-P is really important.

- They did a psychological test to see the problem lying in their marriage.
Sa-ya chose the answer showing that her marriage will face problem because of different opinions.
Yu-kun: You have too many opinions about things like how the food tastes, how we should do about our children, how about moving, etc… like that will make our relationship go bad.
Sa-ya: …… Then I just need to shut my mouth and that will be fine, right?
Yu-kun: You can’t do that though?
Sa-ya:…… *nods*

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14-7-2014 3:00p.m Sayaka was in the promotion event of her first film [Doreiku-Boku to 23-nin no Dorei] after graduated from AKB48 in Hong Kong. We can all take photos of her freely in the Dragon Centre but we are not allowed to take photos in the cinema promotion event in the evening:(((
Anyone who attended the cinema promotion event will be given a poster. There was a session of Sayaka randomly draw three lucky audience who can be offered a signed booklet japanese ver. I was so surprised that I was being picked!! She gave me the booklet hand in hand and shake my hand!!! Her smile was so warm and kind that I shall never forget. Hope that she will have more chances to come to Hong Kong in the future:D